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HEADWORKZ DL Brochure IDerMed 151213 THMBIderMed. For those who demand results! A cosmeceutical range… We give you the best products then teach you how to use them!

Skin Consultation 30min
Full analysis and diagnosis of your skin type. First we cleanse your skin, and then use our skin scanner to create your daily personalised skin care regime. Skin consultations are complimentary with product purchased.

Streamline 45min
We recommend this facial, to prepare your skin before starting your IderMed daily skin care regime. Your IderMed facial session includes; skin consultation, deep cleanse, tone, exfoliate, nourishing moisturizer, eye cream and SPF. Customized to your needs.

BreathenCounter Facial 60min
More than just a facial, as IderMed’s Cosmeceutical range provides active ingredients to achieve fantastic results.
Your IderMed facial session includes; skin consultation, cleanser, toner, exfoliant, personalized mask, neck shoulder massage, serum, moisturizer, eye cream and SPF.

In Depth Peel 60min
A gentle corrective peel customized for any skin concerns that penetrates deeper than your usual exfoliant. Your IderMed facial session includes; Skin consultation, deep cleanse, tone, cosmeceutical peel, enzyme peel, moisturize, eye cream and SPF. Great for Acne, Anti-aging, Rosacea and Pigmentation.

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