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Yon-Ka unveils your true beauty with the living forces of nature found in flowers, leaves, fruit, barks, roots, seeds, medicinal herbs from fields, woods and mountains and marine plant life.

Skin Consultation 30min
Full analysis and diagnosis of your skin type. First we cleanse your skin, and then use our skin scanner to create your daily personalised skin care regime. Skin consultations are complimentary with product purchased.

Yon-Ka soothing facial 45min
Treat your skin with our soothing Yon-Ka range and light facial massage for beautiful glowing skin. Your facial session includes; cleanser, toner, massage, moisturizer and SPF.

Yon-Ka delight 60min
Pamper your skin and indulge in our beautiful aromatic facial, you will feel the difference with smoother, softer skin.
Your facial session includes; skin consultation, cleanser, toner, exfoliating massage, mask, moisturize, eye cream and SPF.

Yon-Ka In depth Peel 60min
Rejuvenate your skin with our gentle peel. We customise the treatment for any skin concerns. Yon-Ka peels penetrate deeper then your usual exfoliant. Your facial session will include; skin consultation, deep cleanse, tone, enzyme peel, moisturize, eye cream and SPF. Great for Acne, Anti-aging, Rosacea and Pigmentation, even before a special occasion!

Yon-ka hot Stone 60min
A complete and relaxing full body massage with special Yon-Ka hot stones. This blissful massage includes infused aroma therapy oils, the ultimate indulgence for mind, body and soul. Include a head and face massage. 15min

Ask us about our other specialised facials and massages

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