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HEADWORKZ Brochure BodyTreatments 151215 THMBSoothing Spa Back Experience 50min
Begin with a deep exfoliation on your back, followed by stimulating hot towel compresses. Finishing with a neck, back and shoulder massage to relieve stress and tension.

Soothing Spa Body Experience 90min
Full body exfoliation, stimulating hot towel compresses and to finish you will receive a full body massage using a rich oil or cream. Relax and enjoy.

SPA Clay Massage 60min
Using NAT mineral clay on your back to help detoxify and exfoliate your skin, relax and enjoy a gentle spa massage followed by a hot towel compress. This will not only relax your tense leg muscles but also your back, neck and shoulders.

ACNE - Spa Treatment for Face and Back
Consultation 15min
Back only 60min
Face only 60min
Back & face 90min 
If your acne is a problem then make time to see our beauty therapists. Firstly we will do a full analysis of your face and/or back to determine the depth of acne on your skin. We will treat your skin, leaving you looking and feeling confident. There will be no need to hide behind hats, shirts and layers of make-up anymore!

We can also prescribe Idermed Cosmecicials and give you advice on facials and back-ials to prevent acne from coming back for good!

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